Rooted - Strong to the Core

Workshops Rooted in Practical & Proven Ideas

Choose one Morning Workshop: Workshop Session 1
1.Panel Discussion (supporting Children and Families in times of difficulty)
2.Presenting The Good News
3.Be Prepared for Planning and Teaching Lessons
4.Preparing for a Strong Early Childhood Ministry

Choose one Afternoon Workshop: Workshop Session 2
1.Equipping and Engaging Parents and Grandparents
2.Understanding Diversity in Children & Family Ministries
3.How to Ideas- lead games, pray, find resources
4.Building a Children’s Ministry – Vision to Action

Workshop Descriptions


1. Panel Discussion – Supporting Children & Families in times of difficulty: (Kimberly Sabourin – Safe Families Ottawa; Wendy Turpin, City Kidz Ottawa; Cheryl Debanne-Smith, Plan to Protect)

The emotional, economic and psychological burdens of the pandemic have hit our Ottawa children and families hard. It has been especially tough on those in our community who were already experiencing poverty and struggling to get by. This panel will be sharing from their own experiences in their interactions with the most vulnerable. They will share insights into supporting those children and families that are struggling within your own ministry.

2. Presenting the Good News (Pam Rowntree, Bible Centered Ministries/ BCM Canada Int’l)
What is the Gospel? How do you explain it to children? Explore some simple methods and expressions to help you clearly present the Gospel message. Take away ideas for various tools and resources you can easily use to help children understand the Good News of what Jesus has done for them!.

3. Be Prepared for Planning and Teaching Lessons (Debra Jackson, East Gate Alliance Church)
Are you prepared to teach Sunday School? Let’s examine and ready ourselves together.

4. Preparing for a Strong Early Childhood Ministry (Pat Einarsson, Cedarview Alliance Church)
Preschool years are precious for laying foundations of prayer, praise, and a growing heart for God. Let’s explore some ideas to put into practice for the little ones.


1. Engaging and Equipping Grandparents (Phil Whitehead, Bible Centered Ministries)
“Grandparenting, a time of ease or of renewed purpose?” During this workshop we will consider our society’s attitude toward grandparenting and what the Scriptures have to say. We’ll give thought to ways that grandparents can serve their following generations with intention and purpose.

2. Understanding Diversity & Inclusion in Children’s Ministry (Jasmine Duckworth, Christian Horizons & Debbie Macphail, International Community of Alliance Churches)
We are all welcome in God’s family and have a place in His Church, but sometimes we need some practical ideas to help us live that out. Join us to explore simple ways to ensure your children’s ministry is welcoming to children from different cultural backgrounds and for children with special needs.

3. How To Make Memorizing and Reviewing God’s Word Enjoyable ! (Pam Rowntree, Bible Centered Ministries)
Make memorizing and reviewing God’s Word a priority in your class! Discover some practical “How To” pointers and activities for preparing, presenting and memorizing Bible verses, along with activities and game ideas for conducting reviews that are effective and fun!

4. Building a Children’s Ministry – Vision to Action – Key Elements (David Guyatt, CEF)